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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing a New Mattress

    What sizes of beds do you offer?

    We offer all of the “standard” sizes of mattresses in the United States, including the following:

    • Twin or Single: 39 x 74
    • Twin X-Long
    • Double or Full: 54 x 74
    • Queen: 60 x 80
    • Standard or Eastern King: 76 x 80
    • California King or Western King: 72 x 84

    What is the difference between a California King bed and an Eastern-size bed?

    The Eastern size is often simply referred to as a King-sized bed. These two sizes have about the same surface area; however, their shape is slightly different. The Eastern King is shorter and wider than the California King, which is longer and slightly narrower. The California King size is great for taller people, and it is a bit easier to find linens for that size.

    What does the manufacturer warranty cover for my new bed?

    Most mattress warranties last for about five years or more as long as you own the mattress. We provide detailed warranty information with every mattress we sell. Each manufacturer’s warranty may be unique. Many manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty on body depressions, but they do not consider comfort. When you buy your mattress from us, you can contact us to do all of the warranty service for your mattress.

    How long does a mattress typically last?

    Most mattresses last between 8 to 12 years. Innerspring mattresses usually come with a 10-year warranty. Mattresses with premium foam or latex may have a longer life expectancy. Our name-brand mattresses have such superior quality that the manufacturers offer a 20-year warranty.

    Why is my new mattress getting a ridge down the middle?

    If you do not sleep equally across the top of the mattress when you first buy it, it can cause the foam in the top of the mattress to settle unevenly. This is what leads to a ridge down the middle with two valleys on either side. Try to sleep in the middle of the bed, especially during the first 6-12 months of owning the mattress. Our high-density mattresses with memory or latex can also reduce this effect.

    Will you deliver our new mattress and remove the old mattress?

    Yes, we do this service free of charge.

    Do I really need to replace my old box spring?

    Yes, to maintain your warranty it is required to use a matching foundation or a solid platform.

    Will a Mattress Topper make my bed more supportive?

    No, a mattress topper is designed to make a firm bed feel softer.

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